Yes, List of Registered Primary Sheep and Goat Society are enclosed.

Goat - Buck, Doe, Kids and Sheep- Ram, Ewe, Lamb.

In Goat - Sirohi, Gaddi, Barbari, Totapari, Jamnapari, Jakhrana, Dumba, Avisaan, Pahadi/Local and Sheep- Local, Gaddi, Crossbred, Merino, Rambouillet.

First level of approval will be given by Team Leader of Concern FIU, and Final approval by Manager, Kumaoun and Garhwal, USGCF.
Criteria are following-
1. He/she must be the Sheep/Goat Rearer of Uttarakhand State with Minimum 10 Sheep/Goat
(This may be relaxed to minimum 5 sheep/goat under special circumstances).
2. He/she must be registered in Uttarakhand Sheep and Wool Development Board.
3. He/she must be a member of Sheep, Goat Primary Cooperative Society.

Only healthy animals will be tagged. 10 farmer’s goat/sheep and 10+1 project goat/sheep will be tagged..


First the Para vet and Veterinarian of FIU check weight and health of animal.

According to the Project Guideline, 10 Breedable Goats and 01 Male Goat is distributed to every beneficiary after orientation and training. This may be relaxed to minimum 5 sheep/goat under special circumstances.

Demand is sent after signing the contract but animals will be distributed after repair of animal shed, Health check-up, tagging, and insurance of farmer’s selected Goats.

Technical Agency.

ACBF is located at Lamgrant, Bhagwanpur, Haridwar and Sub- ACBF are located in Project Districts



Animals are marked through ear tags in ACBF. No batch numbers are assigned.